Cristina Roșca

Kwasizabantu – a glimpse of Heaven

If you ever come into the situation where you ask yourself: is there still a community in this world where I can see real Christians, who love the Lord and love one another indeed as the Lord has said? The answer is YES! From all my heart I can testify of the true Christian life of the Kwasizabantu community.

I come from Romania and I have spent 4 years of my life in Kwasizabantu, South Africa, as a student, training to become a teacher.

Words fail me to describe how dear this community has become to me! They have taught me through deeds, attitudes and words what it means to be a real Christian.

I wasn't only a student there, but I could also be part the life of the community there.

By visiting the families I was always blessed by the sweet harmony in the relationships between their members. As a European I would only go for a visit after receiving an invitation. But there I was often encouraged to just pop in whenever I have some free time. I did it and I never left a home without having received a blessing!

At the college I had the best lecturers ever! Can you think of a teacher whom you can visit in the staff room at 9 PM and ask for extra assistance for your assignment? He/she would always welcome me with a smile, a kind word and offer me all the explanations needed. Moreover, have you ever felt free to share your difficulties and personal struggles with any of your lecturers? I cannot count the times I was welcomed by Mrs Vermaak (one of the lecturers) in her office where I could share whatever was on my heart. She would listen to me with so much patience and interest (although she was so very busy). She would cry with me, recount times where she experienced situations similar to mine, kneel down with me and pray, and in the end she would give me a big hug and a fruit! These are the kind of people living in Kwasizabantu!

In my year group we were a real rainbow of different cultures and backgrounds, but we soon grew to love, respect and enjoy the fellowship of one another regardless of the many differences. I experienced such great respect, especially from the Zulu people...I often felt so embarrassed by the way they treated me, fully fulfilling the Bible verse in Philippians 2:3  'but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.' Thank you! You are such an example to me which I strive to follow!

I would also like to mention the topic of finances.  During all these years I had free accommodation at the Kwasizabantu mission. Not even once did I have to pay for food, hot water, electricity, and all the supplies I received in the college hostel. Thank you all so much! Thank you also for all the free transports to Gateway shopping centre, for all the patience you had for us, visitors, and also for the sweet memories I have from the Ushaka Marine World, Umfolozi Park, the beach, Cape Town, Table Mountain, Porth Elizabeth, and many other places we've visited. During my practice teaching I was accommodated for free (6 weeks each year) by different families in different other regions (Wartburg, Mtunzini, Hermannsburg, Virginia). They have all treated me as an own daughter. I wouldn't be able to count all the money that was paid for me during these years. Thank you all so much!

Although time passed and I am back to Romania for a few years already, my heart is deeply thankful to the Kwasizabantu community in South Africa. You have taught me what it means to be a Christian, you have shown me a glimpse of heaven. I have learnt from you how to live in order get there. Thank you, all, saints of the Lord, thank you, uncle Erlo for Kwasizabantu mission!

Cristina Roșca