Arthurboy Khumalo

Kwasizabantu – a Tree of Rest

Kwasizabantu the fruit of grace

Continue to help people to believe, confess their sins and be saved.

I came with nothing and I was received with grace. I was given a suit and taught how to help around with any practical job.  Now I can sew and put up big tents.

We gave our testimonies to schools and during youth services. Through counselling and prayers, I now live a different life. I am now able to look after my family. I have peace from all the depression I went through. I found help at Kwasizabantu.


Kwasizabantu a tree of rest,
City and home of the elect, called, identified
By the Lord to come forward.
Various nations, have heard the word of the true gospel
Continue to change people’s lives.
Kwasizabantu is the fruit of His grace (eMseni)
The land of aQuelle and Bonle, the land of promise to the Zulus.
Khwezi Fm the morning star, preach the gospel
Those who believe in the unseen, hear the word, and confess sins
The pioneer of the heavenly gospel to the Zulus
They come up with different ideas, wondering what this world is all about
And how humble people, and drug addicts live together,
Rev.Stegen, Thank you for listening to the voice
You do as it says and not your own way.
He said that the invitation to salvation was Isaiah 55: 1-9
Your fruit is the Concerned Young People

By Arthurboy Vusumuzi Khumalo

Arthurboy Khumalo