Cebisa Mabaso

Life in Abundance

My name is Cebisa Mabaso. I am currently a teacher at KwaSizabantu Mission school – Domino Servite School. I have had the privilege of being enrolled at DSS since Grade 8 in 2011 up to 2015 when I matriculated. My desire to be at KSB began when I started attending the Youth Services in 2007. Now I have been on the mission for 10 years already.

After finishing matric I had a desire to become a teacher. That desire was inspired by my DSS teachers who role-played what a genuine teacher is like. Therefore, I studied at a teacher’s training college at KwaSizabantu Mission. The choice of being a student in KSB is one that I will never regret in my entire life. This was from 2016-2019. I achieved a B.Ed. degree at 21 years of age.

Before I finished my degree, I had a calling, not from men but directly from God. This truly happens if one has a living relationship with God – whether young or adult. I was called to Domino Servite School to teach there. With doubts about it, I wrote my application letter to test whether this was a real calling or fantasy and if I would be accepted. Indeed my space was there.

Today I am an employee of the school. I’m a joyful young man who supports his family back in Winterton and care for my needs at the same time.

There have been hundreds of young people who were enrolled at DSS and undoubtedly they are all well off in life. I know many of my friends with whom I was in class. We are now young breadwinners. That is what I call life in abundance.

Some of them are teachers like me, lecturers at universities, practicing lawyers and doctors etc. We were educated at DSS and some of them at the teacher training college at KwaSizabantu Mission and received our degrees without any fear and oppression.

How wonderful it is to live in a country with such a high youth unemployment rate, but to find yourself counted among the employed.

I’ll cherish this opportunity of passing on quality education to my young brothers and sisters who are current learners at DSS.

I’m happy at KwaSizabantu – thousands of others are also happy elsewhere (together with their families) because of KwaSizabantu Mission!

Cebisa Mabaso