Malelane – 10 Years Anniversary – 2012 Youth Conference

It is 10 years since the Kwasizabantu Mission was established at Malelane-Schultzendal. In recent years it has been easier to hold a Youth Conference there rather than fetch children from 800km away for the Youth Conferences held at the mission.

This year’s Youth Conference has the same theme as the July one held at Kwasizabantu: Who will free me / Ngiyokhululwa ubani?

The mission co-worker, John Powys, is the leader of the Malelane mission.

The Cedar College of Education (CCE) has a 4th year outreach once a year. This time the students, paying for themselves, went a few days early to Malelane. They spoke at school assemblies and invited children to the Youth Conference. The students (and quite a few lecturers) are also helping during the Youth Conference.

Rev Erlo Stegen is the main speaker for 3 day conference. It started Friday night, 28 September, and continues to Monday morning, 1 October.