Anthonie Kruger

May I Never Forsake this Secret

On the day of my interview at Cedar College of Education, teacher training college at KwaSizabantu Mission, we had a car accident on our way to the mission. My father and brother were taken to hospital and my mom and I were taken to the mission by a family member. I entered the interview room unshaven and not very fresh after being at the accident scene all day. I thought that I would never be accepted at the college as I couldn't think very clearly while writing the entrance exam. I was very shy, but Mrs Kay Stegen welcomed me and immediately won my heart as she said "it looks like somebody didn't want you to come here." She made me feel like I have arrived at home and she was always a caring "mother" to us all. Indeed that was in 1998 and a wonderful four years of studies started that I enjoyed tremendously learning life long lessons in preparing me for eternity. Mrs Kay Stegen and Rev. Erlo Stegen always supported us at the college and we could go to them anytime to ask for help.

Psalm 144:1 "Blessed be the Lord, my Rock and great strength, Who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle."

At first I never wanted to go to a person to speak to about what troubles me because I had been to many psychologists or church ministers throughout my school years. But one day during our exams at CCE, I couldn't study, I couldn't concentrate because this one sin kept on going through my mind and I knew this was wrong. I decided to go to a counsellor and tell them about it, and I thought they might kick me out, I felt I deserved to be kicked out for it. After questioning a counsellor and hearing 1 John 1:9, it made perfect sense to me all of a sudden and I understood! I unburdened myself and he didn't reply except to pray with me. While he prayed I could feel a physical heavy burden being lifted from my shoulders, I felt so free and forgiven! I ran back to the college singing praises to the Lord, saying to myself that today I have discovered a secret and may I never forsake this secret. The college was my spiritual training years, although I went there to become a teacher, the Lord was teaching me many lessons. I stayed with 5 students in a room, of which 3 were Zulu and 1 Tswana student and an Afrikaner student. I thank the Lord for all the wonderful lessons I learned from my fellow Zulu brothers, their culture and how to respect and honour each other with the Love of Christ.

One year I contracted a virus and was terribly ill, I couldn't study or concentrate because of being extremely weak. Mrs Kay Stegen took me to Rev. Erlo Stegen and he prayed for me. The following day I wrote my main subject and still till today I don't know what I wrote there, but when the results came out I had the highest grade of all. To me that was a huge revelation of how the Lord uses Rev. Erlo Stegen in His Kingdom. I only experienced the greatest love and encouragement to serve the Lord Jesus with my whole heart from them and they always encouraged me to stay true to the Lord Jesus Christ.

After College I started as a teacher in a branch of the mission in Smithfield, Free State. After several years the Lord spoke to me in my heart to marry. After laying it before the Lord, He confirmed it in marvellous ways. The girl whose hand in marriage I asked for prayed, and also felt was it was the Lord's will for her to marry me. We got married in 2006. Today the Lord has given us three wonderful children and we are working in the vineyard of the Lord.

Thank you very much Rev. Erlo Stegen and Ms Lydia Dube and all the co-workers and friends of the mission for your example and obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ, may we also follow in your footsteps!

Anthonie Kruger