May Tour of Korea 2004

Erlo Stegen and his daughter had a blessed 10 days in South Korea. The main organisor  was Dr Chung Hack Bong. Rev Stegen  visited churches, universities and schools. The main message preached by Erlo Stegen was from John 7 : 38, “If you believe as the Scipture says, streams of living water shall flow from you”. He gave the revival message as well as parts of his personal testimony. The Korean people listened attentively and were very thankful for the messages. Comments included, “We are longing to experience a second revival”.

Sunday 23 May Immanuel Church, Il San
Monday, 24 May Eunhye Girl’s High School
Tuesday, 25 May Nanum Church – Rev. Hyun Jin Kim
Wednesday, 26 May First Baptist Church – Sung Nam
Afternoon – Seoul city Tour
Thursday, 27 May Chong Hoe Christian Seminary
Friday, 28 May Pastor’s meeting
Saturday, 29 May Visit to Folk Village Tour