More than 600 schools reached this year of 2014

For many years Kwasizabantu teams have been going out to schools to bring the Gospel. This year, that number has reached over 600 schools in most Provinces of our country – more than any other year. Many hundreds of thousands have heard the Word of the Lord in different ways: singing, preaching and testimonies from other young people.

This past week week in mid-August a team is in the Free State speaking at various schools. One of them is a Harmony Sports Centre where they train professional soccer and rugby players. Teams from the mission were well received.

The piece below was written by one of the co-workers with the team:

The first 2 photos below are at L A Wesi Secondary school in Allenridge neer Welkom in the Free State Goldfields area. They have 972 learners. They had no sound system. We had to almost scream to be heard. After assembly problem children were sent to us for counselling.
The following photos yesterday with fewer children in the hall, was gr 7s at Allenridge Primary.
Every school is a unique experience.
Today we went to a special school in Virginia – Nobilis. (Sorry no photo). Most of the pupils are orphans or rejected children. It was fantastic to see and experience how the Lord works in miraculous ways.
The next school was Bronville Primary with about 650 learners from grades 4-7

Rev Joe Newlands is in the photo at Golden Park Primary.

Goudveld Hoërskool with 850 learners. First predominantly white Afrikaans school we did.

The Lord was gracious.