My Family Saw Changes in My Life

I came to KSB in 2012 when my life was shuttered, reached a cul-de-sac. I was full of pride as a young black professional who had lived in Europe for years. I was soaked in sin, living a double life, troubled by unresolved life issues. NO one told me that I was in sin but when I came to KSB I saw my sins as they were. The counselling helped me a lot to spit out what I kept for years. Please note that no one pushed me to go and seek counselling but I too that step on my own.

I loved wearing pants and knew all the latest fashion trends and I had the most expensive clothes from Europe. Visiting KSB, the Lord showed my wrong doings, and one of them was me wearing pants not KSB showing me but the LORD, and from then I stopped wearing pants. The Lord also convicted me of artificial hair and hairstyles and that is when I decided to keep my natural hair. Anyway, I went to school in the Eastern Cape where we were encouraged to keep our beautiful black hair as they were by a very good Irish principal, so it was not a problem for me to go back to my old ways. To add, my school in the Eastern Cape was against boys hanging around with girls (keep distance from boys), the school principal used to emphasise on that issue and as a result our school was one of the best schools with 100% good pass rate and 0% pregnancy. With that rule, our grade 12 class of 35 learners produced 10 doctors, a number of engineers, accountants and I am one of their product. I am proud of all the strict teachers I had, if they were not strict I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Should my life go south or should the world spit me, I will not go to the media and accuse my teachers and say my behaviour is like this today or shaped this because I had very strict teachers who never allowed me to exercise my freedom. To make you laugh, our matric dance was held in another remote school hall, a school for physically challenged children with parents. The school  principal was holding a big bronze bell like a hawk watching every move listening to the clock ticking as well as looking at the clock. When we heard the bell ringing, we knew that that all had ended and we had to go home with parents. Good discipline, respecting parents and reaching to others, I learnt from the mission school. I remember being chased away for not wearing the PEP store shoes but expensive shoes, I had to walk back home. They never wanted us to compete or show off our parent’s worth, they wanted children to be children.

Anyway, my family saw changes in my life since I came to KSB. Most of my family members started to visit and when my strict father came, he was a changed man after visiting KSB and even today. KSB saved many of my family members including a young man who was suicidal and that young man is alive and well today. My family often visits this mission every year. What I love
about KSB is seeing white people speaking isiZulu, sharing houses and food. I was once invited by Afrikaner, German, French, English families within KSB just for chat and dinner. To be honest, I have been in the best boardrooms and during short breaks and lunches, blacks will be in their corner and whites in their corner, so I was stunned by the KSB families who were able to welcome a black person in their homes. I often visit KSB every year and I have been treated very well by the aunties. I was very impressed in 2018 when I had breakfast, lunch and supper at Tatu Erlo’s house. We were a group of people from different sided of life. We slept there and we never paid a cent, we attended their service, no offering or speaking about money. I love their jam and amasi (sour) wabo and melkkos pudding. I have visited other KSB Branches and I was impressed that all the people who attend they love farming, makhulus/gogogs they forever talk about farming. I am now also farming in my backyard
because of KSB inspiration to farm. I almost forgot, in isiZulu they address eldery man as uBaba whilst in English will be uncle, I’m Xhosa. So, at KSB they forever address all the uncles ‘Baba’, so please note, that does not mean they are calling the uncles there ‘Father’ to take the place of our Lord, sisiZulu.

Thank you, ndiyabulela KSB, I have shared about this mission to my friends Europe and I have send them video links.

Zuko Mlambo