My Life Changed to One of Happiness

When I turned fifty I had been addicted to drugs for most of my adult life. Having tried and failed to give up many times, I had become suicidal. I was living at a shelter for homeless people in 2006 when a lady visiting the shelter offered to take me to Kwasizabantu Mission to stay for two weeks. It was during this time that I heard for the first time in my life that I needed to repent. I was also told that my soul was enormously valuable in the eyes of the Lord.

Having time to look back on my life the Lord showed me my sins and I was able to confess these to a counsellor. In the beautiful and peaceful grounds of the Mission, I met with the Lord Jesus. Here I was in the company of kind and loving people who made me feel cared for and at home. During this time my life started to change radically into one of hope and fulfilment.

I was introduced to the leader of the mission branch in Smithfield, Free State and invited to live there when I left the main branch. This Mission has now moved to the Goldfields, Virginia and I have been with them for fourteen years. I have never paid anything for my accommodation, lights, water or anything for that matter. Even for most of the time my clothing was given to me by the Mission as well. Being an older person I am seldom asked to do manual tasks other than looking after myself.

I live with loving, God fearing people, many of whom are qualified and willing to give me spiritual guidance and support.

May God  continue to be glorified through this wonderful work of His called Kwasizabantu mission.

Valerie Budlender