New Outreach Centre in Tugela Valley

A missionary couple – Rev Don and Nettie Douma – who have returned to Canada, handed over their mission to Kwasizabantu, early May. The Doumas had run the mission for the past 15 years. We are very grateful to them for their wonderful ministry in this area and for entrusting the mission to Kwasizabantu.

Maqhogo is ideally placed for outreach in the Tugela Valley. Various agricultural projects are being tested for soil and climate appropriateness. In the meantime, vegetable patches are growing very successfully. Don Douma had a water-pump which pushes water into a tank and is also used for irrigation.

A hastily made airstip (of about 500 metres in length) is very suitable for the mission plane to land on. By vehicle it takes about 2 hours to get to Maqhogo. But by plane it’s just over 5 minutes!

Maqhogo is the name of the whole neighbourhood. (And, by the way, so is “Kwasizabantu” the name of our geographical area.)

Other projects for agricultural and social development are being put into place. We value your prayers for this new possibility of outreach. Our goal is always the spreading of the Kingdom – that the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ would be uplifted.