New Venture for Orphans in Eastern Cape

Kwasizabantu has recently taken over the running of an orphan project, school and farm in the Eastern Cape. Situated just 10km from the East London airport this project, called Daily Bread, has been running for some years under the leadership of very dedicated staff. The orphanage and school are situated on about 110 hectares of land and the farm (which is adjacent to it) is about 120 hectares. The idea is that Kwasizabantu will upgrade the farming activities (probably with pomegranates and, sweet potatoes and cabbages, to start with) and that this would be used to financially support the orphanage. The 60 children who are being well cared for at the orphanage and school, range for grade 1 through to grade 12. Some are complete orphans and others have been sent there by the authorities as a place of safety.

Authorities are hoping that it will become a model for similar institutions to follow.