René Harbor

No Place Like the Mission

This is my 14th year at KwaSizabantu. For me there is no place like the mission. Here I found what I was looking for - God's peace. There are no manmade rules, but we follow the rules of Him who gave us His word. I thank God daily that He brought me here so that I could be healed from anger, bitterness and frustration. I could never find anyone who could help me in this way. I am grateful that at least 3 of my 15 grandchildren may attend the school on the mission. The way the teachers treat them, speak to them and teach them is a Godly way.

One of the most amazing things at KwaSizabantu for me, is the drug addicts. They come here (many after being in places of rehabilitation) in despair, with lifeless eyes. After a few days one cannot recognize them - they walk with a smile, shiny eyes and greets in a friendly manner. God's revival goes on!

I thank God for Rev. Erlo Stegen and our leaders who serve the Lord with all their being and are always there for us if we need advice or prayer

Renée Harbor