Geraldo Williams

Ons waardeer wat julle vir ons gedoen het

Geraldo Williams:

I just want to say thank you to KwaSizabantu for what they’ve done for me, how they helped me, seeing as I was a gangster. I come out of drugs, rape, murder and if it wasn’t for KwaSizabantu, I don’t know where my life would have gone. I want to say thank you that I can be a father to my children and a husband to my wife.

I just want to say thank you to uncle George for all the patience he has had with me, and all the effort he put into standing with me, as I have never had a father who could show me how I should live my life, and what I should do with it. Thank you so much to Uncle George, who has done so much in my life, which I am so thankful for. I’ve never had a father who could show me how I can try to make my life right, so I say thank you to him once again, for all his effort. Thank you

Roslyn Williams:

Firstly, I want to greet in the beautiful Name of our King, Jesus. I consider this opportunity we have a privilege. I heard of the place KwaSizabantu Mission, and I tried to get hold of a phone number, which we could get hold of in the end. We tried making arrangements, and they said it’s good, we can come. We were on the train with our children, because we heard it’s a spiritual place, that helps men that has problems with drugs, gangsterism and wine, and all such things. So, we went to the place, an interview was done, and they said they will accept him. I say to the Lord, thank you very much for the opportunity that the Mission KwaSizabantu gave to him, and I observed that when he is at KwaSizabantu Mission, and he calls us, the way he speaks is different. I observe the way he dresses is also different, and I have found the place to be a good place while I was supporting him. The way that they preach at the place, the way Uncle George preaches, it touches your heart, and I say thank you for such a place.

At one stage I gave up hope, but then the Lord came, He came just in time, and He answered the prayer. KwaSizabantu does a good thing in his life, and not only for him, but for other people as well. I can thank the Lord so much. The Bible declares in 1 Corinthians 1 “Those who want to boast must boast in the Lord”.

Thank you to KwaSizabantu, because he’s a different person. He’s a father for his children, and he’s a husband for his wife, for that I thank the Lord so much.

KwaSizabantu thank you, thank you KwaSizabantu, we appreciate what you’ve done for us!