Outreach to Namibia

A team is returning from a very blessed trip to Namibia. As the journey by bus takes 3 days, the 19 seater and 8 seater buses left the Mission on Thursday 28 May. They had 2 overnight breaks, the first at the Snymans farm (Lichtenburg) and the second with Dr Francois Louw’s family in Gobabis. The destination was the town of Otjiwarongo. Amongst the people who accompanied the KSB choir were Mr and Mrs Ernie Engelbrecht, Uncle Joe Newlands, Gideon Jacobs from the Virginia, Free State branch of the Mission, Tobie and Ilsa Vermaak and, for the Sunday service at the Global Day of Prayer which was held at the sports stadium in Otjiwarongo, Rev Erlo Stegen. Dr Louw and the main organizer of the outreach, Francois Kok, were with the team most of the time. Thursday morning, 4 June they started on their way back KZN.

The Sunday ‘Global Day of Prayer’ meeting was a wonderful manifestation of God’s moving as all the churches of the town were involved in arranging and attending it and about 2000 people attended. The message by Rev Stegen was delivered in power and authority, touching many peoples’ hearts – “If my people, that are called by My Name…”. From Sunday night to Wednesday night there were regular Pentecost services in the local NG Church and these too, were anointed by God’s Holy Spirit and attended by people who have hearts seeking a deeper life with the Lord, representing all the nations of Namibia. During the day on Monday to Wednesday the team was invited to schools, an orphanage, an old age home, businesses and meetings for pastors, men and ladies. All the services were well received and the team was treated like royalty in the host homes and wherever they sang and preached. We pray that God will bless each and every person who took part in this blessed outreach, hosts, organizers, audience and team members alike. May His Kingdom be established in the hearts of every participant and anyone who will still hear messages via radio and television in that beautiful country.