Outreaches to Hundreds of Schools

Latest: A team returned from the Eastern Cape area on 1 September. They visited 43 schools which had about 21,000 children. The response was a blessing to witness. Another team is in the Cape visiting about 97 schools.

This year has seen more schools reached with the Gospel than ever before. Co-workers and young people with wonderful testimonies have been visiting schools in these months. Up to 72 schools in less than a week! In most cases the outreach would be early in the morning when schools have their assemblies. In South Africa most schools still allow prayer. The short assemblies are between 15 and 30 minutes and we can usually bring a short message and testimony in that time. The response has been overwhelming. Not only the learners but also teachers have stayed behind for counselling in vast numbers. Many of them have wept as they brought their sins to the Lord Jesus. Teams are out at the moment and include Eastern Cape and another 100 schools lined up in the Cape.

Please pray that God would touch these precious lives, bound by sin, and bring them into a living relationship with our Saviour.