Christian Outreach

Report on school outreaches

2020 has been a very different year for everyone and for the entire world. It has come with great and unexpected challenges. Despite the challenges, however, the first quarter of this year has been fruitful.
From the start of the school year in January until the Covid-19 lockdown in March, the Mission has been working tirelessly, reaching out to schools in different provinces and raising awareness on the various social ills destroying our precious youth.

Number of provinces visited:          4 – KZN, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and Mpumalanga
Number of schools visited:             236
Number of learners reached:         127,375

Challenges faced by South African schools 

The challenges faced by our South African schools are very devastating. One cannot stop lamenting when considering the day to day struggle faced by the teachers and learners at the schools. Problems such as violence, substance abuse, teenage pregnancies and other social ills have taken hold of our schools. To give a glimpse of how bad the situation is in our schools. In some of the schools that we visited this year, we learned that learners have turned the school toilets into smoking saloons. 

It is heart breaking when one discovers that these problems within the schools are community related problems. They are a result of the difficulties that are experienced by the children at home and in their environment. Some of the children are coming from broken families or child headed households. Others have parents that are alcoholics and therefore they lack parental care, discipline and guidance. The environment where they come from have poor role models and is poverty stricken. As a result, all these factors are creating a destruction to the children and they resort to drugs, truancy, dropping out of school etc.            

Nevertheless, all is not lost. By God’s grace we are determined to continue working with the schools, spreading the message of hope and helping those children in need.


Remarks from the schools 

From all the responses we received from the schools, they all confirm how much help is needed. School principals and teachers request that we come once every term to do our presentations and awareness campaigns. At one of the schools the principal said, “Projects like these have a good influence on our youth. We need to get more involved so that we can empower our learners for the future.” In other schools they stated that they benefited a lot from our visit, and they request that the time for presentations should be extended. 

We greatly appreciate all the schools who have opened their doors and allowed us to carry the load with them of helping the leaners.