Frieda Mout

Thankful to Kwasizabantu Mission

I grew up in the Netherlands and would have gone to high school there, but the Lord called us as a family to move to the Mission in South Africa. Because of this, I attended Domino Servite School from the end of grade 6 and matriculated there. I received the best education possible, with all the support I needed available. At first, I could hardly speak English, but with the help of my teachers and classmates, I was able to learn it very quickly. Besides learning a lot academically, I was allowed to participate in sports, music and other fun activities.

You might think that growing up on the Mission means you are never naughty, but that is not the case. I was often naughty, but the Lord Jesus started working in my life and I was able to make my life right and start living for Him. This does not mean I am perfect. I still make mistakes but by God’s grace I can confess when I do something wrong and learn from my mistakes. Psalm 37:24 encourages me that the Lord will not forsake those that are His.

I am very thankful for the support I still receive from the Mission. After living there for about 10 years, I have gone back to the Netherlands to study there but I know people in South Africa are praying for me every day. It is such an encouragement to know there is a team behind me, and I can ask for help anytime.

I thank the Lord for Uncle Erlo and for all the co-workers, who have served the Lord faithfully all these years. May the Lord bless you and the Mission and continue strengthening you, especially during this time.

Thank you and forever grateful,
Frieda Mout frieda1