Relebohile Mojaki

The Christ Who Saves

I thank the Lord for the work of revival at Kwasizabantu Mission. From a young age I have had the privilege of being part of the mission. It's with great thankfulness and joy to say today by God's grace I can tell others in other countries of Africa about the Christ Who saves, because of my experience at the mission.  I have not only learned about the life of joy, purity, peace and victory in Christ, but I have seen it in the life of our leaders. I have benefited in many ways through the mission. I really thank the Lord for the mission, it has been and is still a great help to me and many people around the world.

Now in Malawi, having seen the effect of the gospel preached at Kwasizabantu from my childhood, it's a joy for me to tell the young people here about the saving Jesus Christ, a greater joy still to see lives being transformed because of this gospel. Through the message of the revival at Kwasizabantu I know that there is victory through the Lord Jesus. I cannot thank God enough for this ministry.

Relebohile Mojaki

Chikuluma Village