Sabrina Tomoni

The Greatest Gift from God

My name is Sabrina Tomoni, I am 29 years old, I am a sociologist by profession, and I have been living at Kwasizabantu  Mission in Voiteg, Romania, for 11 years.

The Kwasizabantu Mission is the place where I met God, where I received a new life… it is the greatest gift from God to me, a place where I could find help for my soul.

Because when I first came to the Mission Kwasizabantu, I was apparently a happy teenager on the outside, but inside I was unhappy, and having no hope in my soul. I was drowning in sin (cigarettes, alcohol, nightclubs, boys, pornography, family quarrels). Through the  sermons I heard, through the righteous and pure lives of the young people who lived here, God touched my heart, gave me the grace to confess my sins and ask for forgiveness from those with whom I have sinned or to whom I have sinned, in other words I have been given the chance to live and enjoy everything that God offers me.

And all these things without anyone forcing or compelling me to do all these things, the one who searched my heart was the Spirit of God.

I thank God and uncle Erlo that the message of the Revival in South Africa has reached our country and I am very happy and thankful that I can be part of this ministry, through which God has transformed my life.

Sabrina Tomoni