Emma Retief

The Lord Has Done Great Things for Me

Emma Retief

We have known Kwasizabantu since I was a young girl. We often came to visit and we have fond memories of the times we spent here. A year after I completed matric I felt the Lord calling me to come to the mission. I came in September 2015 and started helping at the Pre-primary. Today, after 5 wonderful years at Kwasizabantu I am so thankful to the Lord that I can be part of the mission and His work.

Kwasizabantu is truly a place where you can find help and guidance - a place to come closer to Jesus.

I invite those who have not yet had the experience and privilege to visit Kwasizabantu to come. Come and see for yourselves the great work the Lord is busy doing.

The Lord has done great things for me and my family and my heart is truly filled with joy.

Francois, Jackie and Emma Retief