The Lord who Heals

I met with the Lord and I visited Mission KwaSizabantu. From the beginning I have seen peace and love among the people of KwaSizabantu. I didn’t see any racial discrimination at that place they treat everybody the same way, they treat people very well you feel at home at that place.

Before I got converted, I was very sick, I was in and out of hospitals and I even consulted witch doctors, but I didn’t get any help.

At KwaSizabantu I confessed my sins so that I can have a relationship with the Lord. Rev. Erlo Stegen prayed for me and I was healed spiritually and physically. I made right with everyone whom I have wronged.

To me the Mission is a great blessing. The time came where the Lord took my husband, if it wasn’t for the Mission, I would have been left all alone. As a widow the Mission took a good care of me.

I have never seen people being abused or maltreated. May the almighty God keep on blessing Uncle Erlo, KwaSizabantu and its members.

Kittie Khantsi.