Siyabonga Khumalo

The Lord’s Light is shining

"The Lord's Light is shining on me like the morning sun".

I, Siyabonga Khumalo, am a Mission child whose parents were married at the KwaSizabantu Mission. The things the Lord has done for me are countless. From the day I was born till today the Lord has been good to me in each and every step of the way. By God's grace, my parents got married at KwaSizabantu Mission and they received a gift from Heaven which was me.

While I was a congregation boy, I was sinning not caring of where I came from, however, on the outside I looked innocent but I was actually a sinner. The sins had camouflaged within that it could not be seen. By the Lord's grace I was saved and now I am a living testimony of the Lord's power to save.

I was able to come stay at the mission station in 2012 when I came to do schooling at Domino Servite School (Khonzinkosi School) in grade 7.  Life was a revolution for a grade 7 because from where I was schooling there was no teacher who treated learners with patience and love. When I came to the school it was the safest school I had ever been to because there were no gun shots, no knives, and no fights in the school premises, no swear words shouted and no racism to my experience. Instead, there was love, care, patience and unity. Domino Servite School provided over and above what we expect from schools, a few being extra activities which I participated in like Bridge Building, Water Competition, Brass Band and many other memorable activities.

Today I am an old scholar of Domino Servite (2018) with a bachelor degree pass and I received spiritual treasures for my life time. There is nothing that Domino Servite School owes me but I owe the school that I live the life of truthfulness, faithfulness, responsible citizenship, Bible based moral values and being useful to the South African community. I thank the Lord for shinning His light on me. One of my teachers in matric said, "If God was to take everything that I have never been thankful for, what would I be left with?" This opened my eyes to see that I must be thankful for everything that the Lord has done for me especially the KwaSizabantu Mission which has provided everything most importantly, my spiritual needs.

God has kept me under his shelter from becoming a drunkard, prisoner or a drug addict because anything evil is possible without God's hand. Today I can testify that He lives and died for my sins. Now I can pray and know who I am praying to.

Now I live at the mission and helping in God's work where He placed me at Ekhamanzi Springs and other activities in the mission. I am happy where I am and even Ekhamanzi Springs was able to pay for my university studies, how wonderful isn't that, isn't God at work?

It's a pity that words cannot express the joy and the feeling of being under God's hands.  I thank Rev. Erlo Stegen for accepting Gods calling to preach the gospel so that I could be saved.  May the Lord bless him and the co-workers for the work they do to help me spiritually and raising me.

By being at the mission, I am involved in many activities and I can learn many things which have also helped me in many ways. I do not only work at Ekhamanzi Springs, but I also get the opportunity to do other various activities, and by that I gain experience and I do it with joy.

Izandla zedlula ikhanda, ngiyabonga ngiyanconcoza. "The Lord's favour is shining on me"