Tabitha Cooley

The Mission has Given Us So Much

I have been acquainted with Kwasizabantu Mission since 2002. I taught school at one of their branches located in the Free State for 14 years. While teaching in South Africa we received help many times from Kwasizabantu Mission.

They often came and went with us to the surrounding schools to encourage the young people to stop drugs and substance abuse and give their lives to God. Many young people were helped and testified to it.

They supported our school and taught us how to meet the government requirements at a high standard.

It is through Kwasizabantu Mission that I am able now to come into Malawi and teach the children about God's love. The Mission has given us so much, both spiritually and physically.

They have sent uniforms for all of our children. It is a big help as many of the children didn't have any warm clothes and now we are able to ensure each one is dressed warmly and able to concentrate on their learning.

And they have supported us spiritually in this time of lockdown by sending devotionals, services and even conferences live streamed. We are so grateful and appreciate everything they have done for us.

Thank you, Kwasizabantu Mission!

Tabitha Cooley, teaching in Malawi