Christaan Pieterse

The Moses of Our Time


God uses humans to lead and save souls.
Especially if those souls are evil
and hard to control. There were people
like Noah who had to build an ark.
He had to finish it in time,
he probably worked in the dark.
There were people like Moses,
who saved the Israelite slaves out of Egypt.
Moses was the chosen one who could get
the job done.
Now, a lot of people are slaves to a life of drugs and crime.
Reverend Erlo Stegen has been sent
as the Moses of our time.

On behalf of all the people that have
been helped at Kwasizabantu;
out of the deepness of our hearts,
we would like to say thank you.
To Reverend Erlo Stegen, and his whole crew
for on this planet y’all did and are still
doing a lot of good.

To heaven I pray that all of you’ll make it,
for on Kwasizabantu a lot of
jobs have been created.
There is a Christian school
and it is very good.
Now it’s gonna be hard for the devil,
to make those kids his fools.
There is a Christian radio station,
where they preach the Word of God
to the nation.
I received a couple of chances
to give the world my
Christian inspiration.
Reverend Stegen and his crew,
are humble and kind,
it’s easy to see who is the
Moses of our time.

On the Kwasizabantu base
there is a Doctors for Life place.
They go out to the world,
and help the human race.
Not too long ago,
Mozambique is where they went to,
for they had an important job there
to do.
The people were suffering from cataracts and they were blind,
the doctors did surgery for free
and now more than 100 of them can see,
from blindness the doctors set them free.

More than 1000 people receive 3 meals
free every day. How your crew gets that right,
I don’t know, I can’t say.
I helped at the kitchen before,
but to explain it I have no way.
Through the potato project,
different villages receive potatoes free,
I saw with my own eyes
that those people are in need.

On the Kwasizabantu place,
an AIDS hospital is there,
where a lot of sick people,
receive very good care.
Reverend Stegen and his crew,
your work is divine – it’s very easy
to see who is the Moses of this time.

For now, all I can do is just say
thank you to Jesus,
for sending Reverend Stegen and his crew.
I used to be the devil’s fool.
I went to a lot of places to change
from bad to good. But I stayed the same.

Until my mother told me about
the Kwasizabantu place.
Only then I changed all my evil ways.
For I have to get my soul
to heaven, at all costs.
A mansion in heaven is what
I started to build.
A human soul is more precious than
any element in the world
and more valuable,
than a million tons of gold.
Kwasizabantu showed a lot of criminals and addicts
how to stop being evil and rude.
Now a lot of us changed, from bad to good.

Sorry for my poem being so long,
but when it comes to Reverend Stegen
and his crew
I can go the whole week on.
Because all of them are holy, humble and kind,
I hope the whole world can see, who has
been sent to lead us, as the Moses of our time.

Christiaan Pieterse