Ruth Ludwig

The Place I Feel at Home

The Kwasizabantu mission is for me a place, where I feel at home, where I’m accepted and loved. For many years I lived at the mission. I stayed there with my family and had a wonderful time.

I attended the Domino Servite School as well. What I experienced were wonderful and dedicated teachers, who did their best to give us what we needed for life. They organised us memorable outings, participation in expo, saccsa and many other things. Most of all they made us Jesus dear. Not only through teaching and devotions, but how they lived, how they reacted and acted towards us.

Many coworkers had and still have a great impact on my life. They help me in difficult situations, I can fully trust them concerning councelling and they have always time and advice for me.

Rev. Erlo Stegen is a great example for me as well. His love for all the people is tremendous, his generosity touches many hearts and his love for God can be felt and seen in his life. Through the preaching and living of that clear gospel my heart is always touched and God is working in my life and many others.

I thank God for people like Rev. Erlo Stegen and the coworkers, that have the courage to stand for the truth although there are forces against them.

May God give them strength and courage to carry on and bless them richly for all they do.

Ruth Ludwig

Ruth Ludwig