Sandré Loots

The Truth I had Been Longing For

Words fail to describe my uttermost gratitude for what Kwasizabantu Mission means to me. If it was not for the Mission I don't know where I would have been today. I will try to keep my testimony brief.

Me and my twin brother were brought up in a single home believing my father passed away. As a child I went through all kinds of abuse and as a result I was a very broken, fearful and a timid person, isolating myself from all people.

Through a miraculous incident I received an invitation to attend the Youth Services almost 25 years ago.  I shall never forget the impact it had on me. I was then 16 years old. The messages of purity before marriage and to confess my sins penetrated deep into my heart. No one forced me to confess my sins as it happened. On the contrary my counsellors always encouraged me to hear what the Lord says concerning important decisions. I knew in my heart this is the truth I have been longing for so long. Oh! how I longed to be set free of all my burdens. Sitting through these services I knew in my heart I can trust these people with all these lifelong burdens I carried. I can clearly remember my first confession and up until today I could experience how God transformed me into a new creature and He is still doing it.

I want to thank Kwasizabantu Mission for the uncompromising truth I was exposed to. I am wholeheartedly one with these two Biblical pillars of the Mission namely: To Walk in the Light (1 John 1)….there should be no grey areas in our lives and purity before marriage ( 1 Corinth 7v1)….no relationships before marriage. I never knew or read the Bible before as a child because of the Church I grew up in.  It was an unknown Book to me. But after my conversion at these Youth Services I could not stop reading and learning so much. I could not wait every weekend to go to the Mission. I know what it feels like to have your own family turn against you. But the Mission encouraged and supported me and gave me sound advice. Through Kwasizabantu Mission I have learned Never to Compromise, to be Steadfast and to Serve! One by one my family came to the Lord. Through countless counselling sessions I have learned valuable lessons. How I thank the Lord for His servants that surrender and sacrifice their time, their lives and opening their homes for souls like me. I want to say this in my home language: "Deur jul toegewydheid en opofferinge het jul my soos n stuk brandhout uit die vuur geruk!!!"

Even at school I was the only one in that whole girls high school that by God's grace could stand out as a young modest lady in purity without compromising amongst all the mocking. There were many opportunities to compromise but I have seen and experienced the lives of them on the Mission and I did not want to live a double life. It has impacted many lives at school. As a result the doors opened for us to go with the Concerned Youth of South Africa (CYPSA) as a team and ministered there on several occasions. We give all the glory and thanks to God.

After school I received a clear calling from the Lord to stay on the Mission. After a few years I got married in a Godly way.

I thank God for the work of Kwasizabantu Mission.

Sandré Loots

Sandré Loots