The Wonder of Amazing Grace

Who can profoundly change a life? Only our gracious Heavenly Father. For years I desperately searched for something that would fill the void in my heart. I wandered along my paths. And those paths took me down many terrible experiences and places. All I knew was that I must find a life that would please God – a life of which I was reading of in the Bible. But the more I tried, the deeper I dug myself into the pit. I tried so many types of religious systems, yearning for peace.

I got involved in cults and occult practices. The darkness, spiritual bondage and misery became more than I could bear. I was at the end of myself and I could see no way out.

Then God sent His miracle. After crying out to Him daily in despair, God’s loving Hand led me to KwaSizabantu Mission, a place where revival is.

I finally found what I had been searching for all along. Here there were people who were serving God whole-heartedly, at peace and joyfully. This was what I wanted!

I was able to get rid of my heavy burden of sin and spiritual bondage. I found hope in Christ and a new life.

I thank the Lord for bringing me to KwaSizabantu Mission, the work of God, where people find God and are saved by Him. How wonderful to be part of this work and people who are dedicated to serving a Holy God and experience His work daily, seeing His love and kindness in the lives of the leaders and others whose lives are wholly on the altar. The only way to thank Him for such amazing Grace, is to strive to live a life that is pleasing to God and serve Him daily with zeal and thankfulness.

Loretta Stegen