Denisa van Timmeren

This Wonderful Gift



It’s my privilege to know Kwasizabantu. This ministry reaches to the greatest and most insignificant person on earth. I come from a small countryside village in Romania, a faraway country. I am one of 15 children and I was brought up in a Christian family. During high school, I started to search for God personally and I visited many churches of different denominations to get to know Him. I felt empty and disappointed after each try.

I came to Kwasizabantu in Romania during a camp, and here I learned how a young girl should live for God and for His Kingdom. I learned to live in purity, to be diligent, to show respect, to love God and to walk in His Light. From that point on, my high school years were so different. In 2009 I was privileged to go to South Africa where I completed my education degree at Cedar College which was affiliated with North West University of Potchefstroom. It was here that lived the most beautiful years of my life.

The 4 years spent at the mission were enriching. I could be a witness and see with my own eyes how people’s lives were changed who came to visit the mission. While studying, I could also be involved in the ministry, as well as sing in choirs, help in different places, go on outreaches, evangelize, visit different branches of the mission and much more.

I loved the mission, the country, the place, the people. I almost became a Zulu…  It was hard to come back to my own country, but I knew that God had called me back here.

Currently, I am involved in the same ministry. I am married and have two children and I am also teaching at the school. I live a beautiful life, a happy life in Christ! I thank my dear Lord for this wonderful gift: Mission Kwasizabantu.

Till we meet again!

Denisa van Timmeren (Veciunca)

Denisa van Timmeren