Ryan Smith

Today I Serve My Lord

Hi, my name is Ryan Smith. I lived in Grassy Park, I am an ex drug addict of tik and mandrax. I was a very stubborn child, didn't want to listen to my parents. I wanted to make my own choices "Jy se nie vir my nie".

I then ended up sleeping on the street with my trolley on the "skurrelbaan", begging for 2 years and stealing from people that fed me. I then called out to the Lord to please help me and He heard my cry. My mother said to me, "Ryan, why don't you give your life to the Lord Jesus, and you will see things will change". I still didn't want to listen and ended up in hospital and almost died. I called out to the Lord again to please help me and give me another chance.

So, brothers and sisters, open your heart to the Lord Jesus, and He will make your paths straight. Today I give my Lord and Saviour all the honour and glory and I thank the Lord and this place Kwasizabantu Mission. A place where people are helped. I have been at Kwasizabantu for 3 years helping in the maintenance department. Today I serve my Lord and my God with my whole heart.