Elona de Wet

Truly Home

I have known and been part of Kwasizabantu Mission my entire life.

My grandparents’ lives were touched by the Revival message, and my late father surrendered his life to Christ whilst attending the youth meetings.

At age 11 I experienced the Lord starting a special work in my life. In His grace He revealed to me my sins and wrongdoings, which I willingly confessed. Up till today I experience the true freedom and inner joy that confession of sin brings. Truly a place of help!

Domino Servite School is the best school ever – and I mean it! I thoroughly enjoyed my six years at DSS. They were filled with fun, good hard work, exciting activities, sports and much more. A big ‘thank you’ to the teachers who were and still are dedicated, patient, kind-hearted and enthusiastic – they are truly special! DSS offers top-quality education, but above all, the school provides students with spiritual nourishment daily.

aQuellé! It is a privilege to be part of the aQuellé family. From great teamwork to a peaceful and up-building work environment!

Onkel Erlo is a dear and special man of God; I have experienced his care and selfless dedication on a personal level. Precious times have I spent with A Lydia Dube, A Eunice and many other co-workers at Kwasizabantu Mission.

This is truly HOME for me.

“Lord, abide with us”

Elona de Wet

Elona de Wet