Hogard & Inge Joosten

We are Grateful to the Lord for this Gospel

We both grew up with Rev. Erlo Stegen and have observed him all our lives. His wise counsel, thoughtfulness, compassion and care have been a blessing to us in countless ways.

After the revival started in 1966, many services were held on our farm and our family was greatly touched and blessed. It was a tremendous privilege for us to host hundreds of people from various races and we cannot forget how God always made sure that there was enough food for everyone, even though we never knew how many people would come.

The work expanded rapidly, and we were thrilled when Kwasizabantu Mission was established.

We are grateful to the Lord for this gospel, that was brought to us by Rev. Erlo Stegen. Through prayer and confession, led by a prompting of the Holy Spirit, we were freed from our sins. This was a privilege too and brought on a “peace that passes all understanding”. Thankfully, we experience this up to today.

Furthermore, at the youth meetings, all our children surrendered their lives to Christ.

Over the years, we have also experienced encouragement, upliftment and support from Rev. Stegen and his co-workers. Every need presented to them has been met with amazing humility and grace.

We thank and praise the Lord for Kwasizabantu Mission and know that He who has helped thus far, also holds the future safe in His hands.

Hogard & Inge Joosten

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