What Would Have Become of Me?

I heard about KwaSizabantu Mission for the first time in the early 90’s. They preached the truths of God, I repented, and I confessed my sins. Before I met with the Lord there was no peace in my family, I was a drunkard, I was disrespectful to my husband. I tried stop drinking, to be a good wife and a mother but I couldn’t.

After I met with the Lord, I could be a better mother and respect my husband. We could live as a happy family. What I have learnt from uncle Erlo is that one should always be upright with the Lord and apologize to the people you have wronged. Uncle Erlo taught us love, to love the Lord and to love each other and the other thing he taught to work with our own hands.

One can see that, that this is what he has been doing, working very hard with his own hands. When you arrive at Mission KwaSizabantu, you see the servants of God that are led by the leader that is full of God’s Spirit. We thank God for uncle Erlo may he continue to help the people physically and spiritually.

Anna Bhuca