Rebecca Escach

With a Grateful Heart

Rebecca EscachI am originally from Australia and first visited the mission when I was 3 years old. I have lost count of the number of times I have visited the mission since then.

As I reflect back my heart is filled with gratitude to the Lord that in His mercy He has given me the gift of knowing a place where He manifests Himself in so many ways. I shudder to think what a wreck my life would have been had I not known and accepted the Gospel message of the Revival.

I was born into a Christian home and was mostly happy to go along with the Christian way of living that my parents so faithfully and uncompromisingly taught. But as I grew up there were times where I slackened in my faith and focused on living for myself. I lost my inner peace and began to question God’s standards. I even began to question whether God really existed. It was as Eve had experienced in the Garden of Eden where Satan asked her, “Did God really say?”. Satan wanted to deceive and cause doubt about God’s instructions.

But there was a tool which God used repeatedly in my life to destroy my doubt and secret rebellion. That tool was Kwasizabantu mission. Through the Revival message God began to work in my life when I was 11 years old. He began with conviction of sin. I felt I needed to confess my sins but did everything to try and avoid doing this. I would tell God I was sorry, I even made restitution with people I had wronged. But my burden was not lifted. I lived with this burden for approximately 2 years before I finally humbled myself and confessed my sins to a man of God. Great peace and joy flooded my inner being. I knew God had entered my life in a real way. I learned the lesson of the importance of confession of sin and what precious treasures God could impart through this. No one forced me into this.

I was also greatly blessed to be able to enter into my marriage in a pure way. I saw many people around me go through terrible heartbreak from multiple relationships that did not “work out”. Their emotional baggage was temporarily lifted when they found “Mr Right” only to discover it was another “Mr Wrong”. Subsequently their emotional burden would become unbearable once again. Some even became troubled with suicidal ideation. I know I would have experienced similar pain had God not been merciful in showing me a different way. I married my husband knowing without a doubt that he was the man God had for me. I did not have to “try things out” first. The first time I held his hand was on our wedding day. The foundation of our marriage was purity and assurance of being within God’s will. I am eternally grateful for this firm foundation. I wish to point out that I was not forced to marry in such a way. Had I wished to go about things differently I could have easily done so. But in the depths of my heart I knew this was God’s way and I didn’t want to make a mistake in this area of my life.

My husband and I, together with our 3 children, have moved to Kwasizabantu mission. We spend extended periods of time helping at the mission branch in Mozambique. I am so grateful to the Lord that He has given us the privilege of being part of the Revival work. We are blessed beyond words to be able to drink from the rivers of living water that flow from those who have remained uncompromisingly faithful to the Lord. It is precious to be amongst people who are walking the narrow road ahead of you and who are able to counsel and help you grow stronger in the Lord.

I could write on and on of all that God has done and continues to do. I do not wish to create a false picture that life is a bed of roses and all is plain sailing. In fact, the road to Glory leads through many trials and challenges. But of this I can testify, to walk the narrow way with the Lord is more precious than tongue can tell despite all the outward difficulties we may face. I sincerely thank the Lord for making Kwasizabantu mission part of my life.

Rebecca Escach