Work Continues in Paraguay

At present the work in Paraguay is mostly focussed on young people. A group of them usually come on a Friday and stay till Sunday after the morning service. On Saturday they help to prepare everything for the service. This includes sweeping and cleaning the yard and preparing the food for Saturday and Sunday.

Most spiritual work also has to have an income to cover the cost. This is now based on farming (Cassava) and also doing earthwork with a machine that was a donation from Europe.

In December 2009, KSB missionaries to Paraguay occupied their first permanent residence in that country.

Since December 2007 Herbert and Mientjie Reimer, and their family were accommodated in  the capital city Asuncion, by Herbert’s brother Rudi. Peter Siebert, the other member of the group, stayed at Johan Wolf’s  place in Rio Verde where the cattle could be kept. They were 340 km apart but now the group is in one place called “Mision Yvypora, Nepytyvo Renda”, which means “missionKwaSizabantu”  in the local vernacular.

The new mission is situated near a village called Nueva Germania, in the province of San Pedro which is part of “East Paraguay”.

The area has a high rainfall, rain forests and is agriculturally very productive. Agronomy, cattle farming and now also brick making are “tent making” commercial activities they have started with.

The mission receives visitors who come seeking spiritual help. There are also voluteers who come to assist. They come from all over Paraguay and also from overseas. Church services, and also regular broadcasts in “Plat Deutsch” from a community radio station near by, have already yielded a harvest for the Lord. Although they are preparing to build more accommodation, visitors are always welcomed at the mission.