Youth Conference at KSB centre in Free State

Youth Conference at KSB centre in Free State

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KwaSizabantu Mission Goldfields held a youth camp from 4-8 October 2014. Three busses brought youth from the local township, Meloding (Virginia), to the mission. A group from Edenville also came with another bus. Altogether about 250 youth registered for the camp.

The theme of the camp was: Prepare to meet your God. Amos 4:12

The first evening, ane girl testified how she was just a Christian but would still live as always, but after the previous camp with the theme of “Are You Satisfied?” she realised that she was not satisfied. She confessed her sin and made a choice to live a holy life by God’s grace.

A small boy in stature but with a big heart stood up and thanked the mission for providing these camps giving everything for free. He said that the Bible says that you must be happy for everything you receive and he was very happy for everything he received. He realised that he is here not because of his will but because it is God’s will.

Mr. Bruno Hlongwane held the service and read from Amos 4:12. He related how with a recent wedding the bride had to prepare months before the time for the great day when she got married. Sometimes they had to work through the night in preparing for the bridegroom. He asked what are we doing to prepare to meet God when He should come back? He asked what if the Lord Jesus would come back tonight to fetch you, will you be ready?

There was every day three services where testimonies were shared or sermons given. After every service some students would remain behind to ask for prayer putting their lives right with God. In every service the emphasis was placed on preparing to meet the Lord, making sure our lives are ready when the Lord should come to fetch us. We thank the Lord for those who made use of the opportunity and heard the call of the Lord to prepare and we pray for those who did not yet respond to His voice in their hearts.

When the camp was over after the Wednesday morning devotion, many did not want leave. Some were crying and asked where our bus is stopping in the township that fetches people for the Sunday service.

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