KwaSizabantu Youth Conference July 2010

The theme this year is “In times like these”. Speakers include Rev Erlo Stegen, Rev Joseph Chauke and KSB co-workers.

Friday: Transport for thousands of children began early in the morning and will continue through the weekend. Please pray for them.

Thursday: CFT and DFL made presentations in the morning. The afternoon service was a time for testimonies. The evening service was the official closing service for the conference (even though services continue until all the children have been transported to their homes.) We thank God for the rich harvest. Many made decisions to follow Christ.

Wednesday: Sports was the main activity for the day-time activities with a service planned for 7pm tonight. Netball, soccer and volleyball are the 3 sports. Many teams are made up from the thousands of children. Playoffs happen in the afternoon and prizes are given to the winning teams (up to 32 teams participated per event). On Wednesday night Rev Stegen gave out prizes to those who had brought the most children (250) and to the best behaved and neatest bedrooms. AQuelle sponsored most of the prizes. Rev Stegen then preached from the 2Tim text and continued to verses 5 to 9. He spoke about the false teachers that the newly converted should watch out for – those who have the spirit of Jannes and Jambres. These two used occultic powers to produce the same miracle that Moses and Aaron did with their rod turning into a snake. There are miraculous things which can deceive people into thinking it is revival. But it’s source is not the power of the Holy Spirit but other spirits. Verse 5 refers to those who have the “form of godliness but deny the power thereof”. All genuine good fortune is found by diligently obeing God’s word, as found in Deut 28. However, those who disobey the Lord will find curses following them. Since some children were due to start leaving on Thursday, Rev Stegen spoke to those who were to leave, reminding them to stick close to their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – following Him and His Word.

Tuesday: Rev Stegen preached from the theme verses of 2Tim 3:1&2, “Know this, that in the last days there will be difficult times for…”. He emphasized the point that it may by your last days, and you must choose Christ now and not wait for tomorrow. The day of salvation is never tomorrow but today. In the afternoon, Mr BJ Sibisi of the Community Policing Forum addressed the children. In the evening, Rev Chauke continued with his theme from the day before. This time he used the “Heart of man” illustrations projected on a large screen.

Monday: Rev Stegen preached from 2Tim 3:2 about the “Love of money”. Pastor Chauke preached from Prov 4:23, “Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the wellsprings of life”.

Sunday afternoon: talks by TNT, on drugs and other youth issues.

Sunday morning: Rev Stegen preached on “Difficult Times in Last Days”.