Youth Weekend at Mozambique Mission

A wonderful turnout and great blessings were experienced at a recent youth weekend held in Mozambique. A more central place was hired for the weekend, at Cacia in Gaza Province. The camp site is about 400km south of the Kwasizabantu centre in Inyambane Province. A number of co-workers & preachers joined Carlos, (including S. Khumalo, T. Maphanga, Hlophe, Cele, Khuboni.) About 200 had been expected. Over 300 came and received the Gospel over the 3 days.

This was the first Youth Conference that Kwasizabantu has held in Mozambique and it was surprising to see how many teens had travelled long distances to get there. The young people (mostly aged between 14 & 25 years) had come from Shokwe, Chibutu, Inyambane and other Provinces.

The theme of the weekend “Can a young person be made new?”, concentrated on Ezekial 37. Many testified afterwards how thankful they were for the life-changing message.