A True Life-Changing Experience for my Family

Good day,

I’m really shocked about everything in the media that is published in the media, and I pray that God will fight this battle on your behalf, and that you will get through this, and build up your life again.

The funny thing is that in the 50 years, the media did not publish the positive news from KSB, they did not publish the stories of all the people who’s life’s has been changed completely because of the help (POSITIVE), guidance, advice, love and friendship they received at KSB. (FREE OF CHARGE)

I’m really very upset about this entire media bomb that went off !! (It’s all in the name of SENSATION)

Couple of years ago I visited KSB in the drug rehab program. I was there for 21 days. After that, me and my wife visit together for 3 weeks as well. I returned a couple of times after that for a week or 2 weeks at a time. KSB was the place where I can find myself and restore my relationship with GOD, when everything goes wrong !!

I don’t care how much is true about these accusations, and what makes me FURIOUS , is that the government and media do not make such a scene about rapists and murders…. !!!

The media is busy destroying an establishment that saved a huge amount of people, they just love sensation, they do not calculate the cost what they are doing !! The people that is busy destroying you is IDIOTS, and God will deal with them in HIS way !

I really pray that God will carry you through this time.

Can you please provide me with an email address at the media or investigation team, so that I can send them a POSITIVE email, with the true life experience and life changing that KSB have done to my family ?

I’m sure there are thousands of people that can give a positive statement on your behalf ?

Please send me an email address, where I can send a letter, I will copy you in the email as well.

God Bless, and stay strong, God is much bigger than this situation !!


Kind Regards,



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