Fire Service – Easter 2014

The fire-service took place on Saturday afternoon during the 2014 Easter Conference. Rev Stegen preached from Genesis 35:1-5 and Acts 19:11-20. God wants His people free from abominations, was the main point in both texts. In Ephesus, the believers were so shocked by the incident where the demon possessed man overpowered the sons of Sceva that they brought their hidden sins into the light. They publicly burned their valuable books on magic and black arts. The value was estimated to be 50,000 pieces of silver.

Since the beginning of the revival among the Zulus it has been our joy to see people under great conviction who find no peace until they expose their works of darkness. Through the years, many have brought their accursed things to be burned. This is never expounded from the pulpit and is always a spontaneous outworking of the Spirit.

After the main message some co-workers brought some of the things that were to be burned and explained what they were. Fetishes, amulets, and other occult paraphenalia were among these things.

The other category of items were stolen goods that could not be returned to their rightful owners. There were also items bought through the proceeds of prostitution. There were also a number of weapons that were burned.