Forever Thankful


It is the year 2011. I stay with my mother as my parents are separated. I am down in the dumps. I use dagga and alcohol to cope with my depression. The Lord sees my predicament and graciously stretches out his saving hand to pull me out of that dark pit that I am trapped in.

He starts to transform my life in such a way that even my school results start to improve. After finishing my matric, the Lord also opens the door for me to further my studies. I enroll for a BCompt Management Accounting degree studying to become a Chartered Management Accountant. I also assist as a part-time Debtors Clerk at the water bottling plant based at Kwasizabantu Mission.

In June of the year 2017, the Lord performs yet another miracle. My father decides to visit KwaSizabantu Mission in Malmesbury. Thereafter, he decides that he is not returning to the Eastern Cape anymore. After 9 years of separation, my parents are reunited.

I am forever thankful to the Lord, Kwasizabantu Mission and everyone who helped and supported me all these years.