Funeral service of Johan Ligthelm


Our brother Johan Ligthelm faced many physical difficulties, especially in the last part of his life.  But he remained steadfast and patient with the cross which God had given him to carry.  He often saw himself as the person with only one talent (from Jesus’ parable of the five, the two and the one talent), but Johan used that talent, putting in everything to press on the upward way and to win souls to Christ.  He endured to the end and remains a challenge to all who are faced with similar problems, never to use the fact that your cross is heavy as an excuse not to deal with sin in your life or not to go forward with the Lord.

The glory of God shone through him, even in his sickness.  Truly, the greater the battle, the more glorious the final victory.

May God grant each one of us that same endurance right to the end.