God is in Control

Dear KwaSizabantu Mission

I have noted with concern allegations that surfaced in the South African media against KwaSizabantu Mission. I am concerned of the impact these allegations will have on the aQuellé and Emseni Farming brands and the impact on those who are employed by the big brands owned by KwaSizabantu Mission. News24 was at the front of exposing these allegations to the public and they were also in front of tarnishing the aQuellé and Emseni brands in the public domain.

The economy of the Republic of South Africa has been badly affected by the existence of the COVID-19 and most companies are battling to keep themselves afloat. My understanding of the aQuelle business is that around this time of the year there is a sharp increase in sales volume. I have a question for those who are behind exposing these allegations to South African, have they thoroughly thought about the impact this will have on the people who are employed by the aQuellé and Emseni brands? If they are out to get justice from those who have done wrong and have hurt people, is justice being done on employees who are seeing reduced hours? How many families might be without food come end of the month?

The KwaSizabantu Mission is known for receiving those who have been exposed to drugs and drug abuse in South Africa, many of them have been helped and are coming back into our communities as changed people. If KwaSizabantu Mission is unable to help these people, have we thought about the implications this will have on the crime statistics in South Africa? It is a known fact that drug abuse and crime go hand in hand. I urge you to remain strong during these difficult and challenging times.

Baba Mfundisi Stegen has not only been helpful to those who go to church at KwaSizabantu Mission, but most communities have benefitted from his helping hand. The majority of those who have benefitted from the work of Reverend Erlo Stegen are black people who live in dire poverty and malnutrition. The KwaSizabantu Mission has spread its wings across South Africa, the African continent and European countries. This is to show that Reverend Stegen had one thing in mind and that was to help the people of the world and convert them into believers of Christ.

The people of KwaMxhosa community can attest that the Mission has been very helpful to them through providing employment for those who are looking for jobs. This has been an economic stimulation for the areas such Kranskop, KwaMxhosa and Greytown areas. It does not only end there but the aQuellé and Emseni brands have contributed immensely to the economic growth of the province of KwaZulu Natal. When European tourists grace the streets of South Africa they not only uplift the economy of KwaSizabantu Mission but KwaSizabantu Mission contributes directly to the revenue of South Africa as a tax paying entity.

I urge you to remain strong during these trying and uncertain times. Remember that when Jesus and the disciples were at sea and there was a big storm and the disciples were terrified, Jesus Christ woke and condemned the storm. I urge you to not worry because in all situations God is in control and even now He is in control.

Yours in Christ

Nkosi Zikode (KwaMaphumulo)