I Had A Wonderful Time

Concerning the allegations against Kwasizabantu Mission

I, Nomusa Hadebe, went to study at Domino Servite School and completed my matric there. I furthered my studies at Cedar College of Education which is owned by Kwasizabantu Mission and I also completed my studies without being abused in any way. It shook me to my core to hear such humiliating allegations against Kwasizabantu Mission.

I am working from home as a teacher now all because of what the mission has done for me. I was treated compassionately and they always showed me love and care whenever I had a need. I had a wonderful time while I was at the mission even now I still have a wonderful relationship with the Kwasizabantu Mission. I have never known such a place as this ever in my life. All the staff members of the school were so kind, I am what I am today it’s because of their sacrifices and their dedication that I may be a successful person one day and be able to reach to those who are helpless.

Reverend E.H Stegen is a wonderful minister and I admire his dedication and willingness to always reaching out to those who are in great need. And he has been a great blessing to many people as far as I am concerned. What makes me marvel the most is Reverend Stegen didn’t only consider his own needs but he also placed first the needs of us as black people, he started the school at KwaSizabantu so that we are all able to learn and have bright future. He loved us dearly, for he always gave us right counsel and rebuked us whenever we did something wrong. We saw that as true love for he didn’t tolerate wrong conduct he dealt with it on the spot. He always gave us a challenge that if we wanted to be God’s people we had to do what God always deemed necessary and seek to please him as our saviour. He enlightened us about how to walk aright in order to be able to go to heaven. He also encouraged us to live blameless lives as young people. He treated us fairly and equally.

I wish to pass my gratitude to Reverend Stegen for he played a significant role in my life for he nurtured me with the word of God and also with education. I also wish to pass my gratitude to all the co-workers at Kwasizabantu Mission for they all played a big role in my life by nurturing me with the word of God and gave good counsel whenever I needed it. The black paint which people have used to paint the mission and the preachers of the gospel it’s unacceptable. Kwasizabantu Mission is a place of peace, there is no turmoil in that place, I would like to encourage them to take heart and never give up.

There are many souls who have been redeemed at Kwasizabantu Mission through the power of God, I myself am one of those saved souls by God’s grace. In case some people have forgotten the mission is based upon the Biblical standards not upon the rules of mortals, as some people have said.

It is a privilege to suffer for Jesus Christ.

Nomusa Hadebe


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