Jude – a Changed Man

My name is Jude, middle child and only son to my parents. Mom and Dad raised me on the Gospel that Jesus Christ died for my sins, rose on the third day, and because He lives I can face tomorrow. However, from a young age I forsook their instructions and embraced a life of sin and degradation. I stayed I this state for a very, very long time and all I got for my trouble was a substance abuse problem. With this I destroyed many relations, hurt many people and most of all hurt myself. I tried to fill the void with many things, all kinds of things – all the time further sinking in my squalor.

While living on the streets I heard about Kwasizabantu, a place where people get help, a refuge for the destitute and a beacon of hope. I made my way to the Mission, arrived on a Saturday and checked in under a different name as I was always ashamed of the shame that my life-style brings to the Biblical name Jude. Attending my first Sunday service at Kwasizabantu the preacher read from the book of Jude! That got my attention. That Sunday I saw a servant of the Lord who reminded me of the great warrior Caleb in the Bible. A servant of the Lord standing firm in the promises of God, unwavering and uncompromising to sin. This was Reverend Erlo Stegen, “I must be at the right place” I thought and I was going to use this opportunity to fix my life.

I was introduced to counselling, I confessed my sins and wrongs to God, I acknowledged my wrongs and also my part in the wrongs against me and I became willing to make my life right under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Today I am free from substances for the longest time in over twenty years. Today I’m employed and dependable, the change in my life has been seen, relationships are being restored and dignity is being regained.

I thank God for KwaSizabantu Mission. I thank God for Aunt Lydia Dube and Aunt Eunice Ncamu for their compassion shown to me and others like me. I thank the helps and the governments at the Mission. I thank Kwasizabantu for the Gospel they preach, not only do they preach this Gospel but they demonstrate the power of the Gospel by taking-in the broken, the destitute, the forgotten and the hopeless. Luke 7:22-23 Loving us while we still struggle to love ourselves. Sirs and Madams of Kwasizabantu Mission a feather in your cap and a heartfelt thank you! Thank you for reflecting Christ’s Love to us in a practical day-to-day testimony. Thank you for allowing The Light to shine through you.

May mercy, love and shalom be yours in full measure.

Jude Martin