Letter from Wayne’s Mother

I am a mother whose only son was totally addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography and immoral living.

When my son became involved with pornography at a very young age, I never suspected anything, because it did not happen in my house. As he grew older, he started smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Since he was not a troublesome child and he was so good at keeping it a secret, I did not notice anything strange in his attitude or behaviour.

After completing his matric, he went to Worcester to study Social Work. By this time he was already busy with drugs. Due to his behaviour during the riots, he could not complete his studies and had no choice but to come back home. My husband then made him enter a teacher training course which he completed. He started teaching and was actually quite good at it. Sadly, however, his drug and alcohol abuse worsened and it was during these times I could only just pray to God for help.

Wayne then decided to go to Johannesburg where he lived and taught for a few years. Things did not go well and we had to put him in a rehabilitation centre which also did not help. He was then hijacked and almost killed. All I could do was keep praying and trusting God to save him and set him free.

After some years I read a testimony in the Joy magazine of a person that was in the same situation as my son. He went to Kwasizabantu Mission for help and was saved by the grace of God. When my son came to me, I showed him the article. He there and then decided to go to Kwasizabantu Mission, acknowledging that he wanted to be helped. So I helped him to get there and Jesus in His great mercy saved him completely. Praise be unto God, my son is now clean for almost six years.

I want to firstly extend my highest praise and gratitude to God Almighty and then to CYPSA and all at KwaSizabantu Mission Mission for this great work, being available to be used by God Almighty to help people who are enslaved by Satan, to be set free and saved by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. May the Lord continue to bless you and use you in even mightier ways in and for His service.