May God be Glorified

Blessings to my all dear brothers and sisters at KwaSizabantu Mission. May Almighty God continue to bless and protect you.

My name is Edmund Joshua and I want you to know that we love and appreciate you and we’re praying for you. This “smear campaign” attack is demonic and I know that the God that you serve will surely vindicate you.

We love you dearly and we share your pain. All this will work out for the Lord’s glory????

We are intensifying prayer on your behalf and sincerely request that you stay strong and dependent on the faithfulness of our dear Saviour.

“The righteous will not be put to shame”
“The battle is the Lord’s”

Lots and lots of love to everyone of you…..we really appreciate the wonderful work that you all do.

May God be glorified in this challenge. Amen!

With much respect and regards,

Your brother in Christ,

Edmund Joshua