Our Sovereign God Will Protect His Work

Dear KSB

I came to know about KwaSizabantu Mission in 1991 I was 17 years old. My High School, Pholela visited the Mission for the youth conference. A trip was organized and coordinated by Ebenezer Mpungose who was the Chairperson of the Student Christian Movement at Pholela. He was doing grade 12 at the time.

Today I am going towards 50 years of age. I am eternally grateful to God that he gave me this prime opportunity to know of this true Gospel of our Lord.

From 1991 I visited KSB intermittently on my own however in time I disappeared and in that period the devil made a playground of me. He used me against me. In 2015 I went back to the Mission, this time God brought me in with great devotion.

When I devoted to the Gospel of the Mission, I was overwhelmed by the ageing of Rev Erlo Stegen. I cried a lot on my own in anger, anguish and disbelief that I had taken so long to come to and remain true to Christ. I felt the world had robbed me of such a great opportunity to sit in the front benches of the auditorium and listen to Rev Stegen. How pity it would be that I missed Rev Stegen at his prime. I wished if I could turn back the clock and I felt I will not succeed in my quest to join and remain in the army of God. I was wrong.

The service of the 11th of October 2020 delivered by Rev D. Stegen and Dr Van Eden translated by Mr. Khomo reminded me once more that If must killed by man in defense of the Gospel of God and His Work, I will be eternally grateful.

I thank God for what He has done for me, for us by anointing Rev Stegen who heeded the call to the service of our Sovereign God. I am grateful for the Servants of God who when they speak I can feel the presence of Jesus, the omnipotence of God and movement of the Holy spirit in our midst.

I am eternally grateful to God for Rev Erlo Stegen, Baba Dube, Baba Ngubane, Dr Van Eden, D. Stegen, Malume, Potolozi, Mr. Mandla Khwela, and many others in the Mission whose devotion to our living God has made it possible for me and many others to come to God and stay there.

I know there are numerous challenges to the work of God at KwaSizabantu Mission. The devil and his forces are at work in attempt to destroy God’s Work. These forces have been at it for as long as we can remember.

We pray here, and we know that our Sovereign God will protect His Work anyhow.

May God remain the Glory.

Thank you to the Mission, thank you to God.

Arnold Mbeje