Qhawe – freed!

Due to drug addiction, immoral living and a life of sin, I lost everything. I lost jobs as an enrolled nurse at both a provincial and a private hospital. I lost my family’s trust. And I ended up living in a drug dealer’s house in a bad area of Pinetown.

But in September 2017 I arrived at KwaSizabantu Mission. I was admitted under CYPSA’s 21-day programme. They told me that they have no medication to help me with my drug addiction, all they could offer me was the Lord Jesus Christ. I was encouraged to attend services three times a day and to seek help from a spiritual counsellor. At first it was hard but through prayer and confession of sin, I could feel the burden on my shoulders being removed. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and now I am a new creation –  a born again Christian. I thank the KwaSizabantu Mission, the Lord Jesus Christ and CYPSA for restoring my life as the Bible says in the book of Joel 2:25-26.

Now I am working at the Mission as an enrolled nurse under the supervision of Dr van Eeden. I am now able to put food on the table for my family and to support my two children because of the help I received at KwaSizabantu Mission.