Response to Allegations

I have been following News24 and the CRL commission on the allegations that have been levelled against KwaSizabantu Mission and its leadership. The attacks have been made and it seems as if majority of those who have testified at the CRL commission have one thing in common and that is to tarnish the name of Miss Lydia Dube who is one of the senior leaders of KwaSizabantu Mission. All the detractors from KwaSizabantu Mission have united and have one common goal and that is to bring down Reverend Stegen and Miss Lydia Dube. Miss Lydia Dube is amongst individuals who have supported Reverend Erlo Stegen in carrying out the Lord’s work and spreading the word of God in all nations.

Miss Lydia Dube is being attacked by individuals who have backslidden and left the ministry of KwaSizabantu Mission and carried on with the ungodly ways. They are doing so because they wanted to spend their time at KwaSizabantu Mission doing ungodly deeds and in that manner they would have brought the name of KwaSizabantu Mission and the name of God into the mud. Miss Lydia Dube joined the Lord’s work in KwaSizabantu Mission at a very young age and she has been a pillar to KwaSizabantu Mission growth and more people are being helped spiritually and also are given employment.

I must thank Miss Lydia Dube and her family for sacrificing their lives and chose to stand with Reverend Erlo Stegen through all the trials and tribulations, which Reverend Stegen has faced in the past years. Through the prayers of Miss Lydia Dube, the co-workers and the greater church of KwaSizabantu Mission including other brethren from different congregations the work of KwaSizabantu Mission has grown from strength to strength. The detractors see Miss Lydia Dube as a stumbling block in their efforts to continue with their wicked ways inside KwaSizabantu Mission premises. The Lord has been good to the church and to the KwaSizabantu Mission because He has exposed them and they are out to try and destroy KwaSizabantu Mission and also paint the leadership at KwaSizabantu Mission with a black brush.

Miss Lydia Dube has been at the centre of helping the youth of South Africa this is evidence because every year during the June and December school holidays the Mission will host a Youth conference. Miss Dube also had a calling to help the young people of South Africa who are exposed to drugs and have resorted to living in the streets of the KwaZulu Natal province. Some of those who were exposed to drugs come from as far as Gauteng province, being brought by their parents seeking help for their children. Why are we overlooking all the efforts and vision of Miss Dube for our own narrow selfish gains? What has Miss Dube done to deserve such treatment from those who once called themselves co-workers of KwaSizabantu Mission?

The school established by reverend Erlo Stegen and the workers of KwaSizabantu Mission has been very helpful to those who have had the opportunity to study at the school. Many people wish to send their children to Domino Servite School because of the high standards being laid out by the school and KwaSizabantu Mission. Some of those who had the opportunity to study at KwaSizabantu Mission today they are able to communicate fluently in the English language and they are not thanking the Mission for their achievements. Miss Lydia Dube deserves our prayers and she must remain strong during this difficult time.

Kind Regards
Nkosi Zikode (KwaMaphumulo)