Ncane Bhengu



I am maBhengu and am married to Mr Ntuli. I would like to talk about Mkhulu (Grandfather Stegen). We miss Mkhulu when he is not well and we do not see him, because Mkhulu has done so very much for us.  I do not know how to describe everything he has done, he came to our area, Nsongweni in Maqhogo and has done wonderful things for us. We had beautiful gardens and Mkhulu took care of us. If one of our family members dies, even far away in the city, Mkhulu will fetch the deceased for you. If someone is sick and needs to go to the hospital, Mkhulu will drive the person to the hospital without you paying a cent. Mkhulu brought us food for funerals. They even come for the funeral, his children, white people. It was the first time seeing white people coming for funerals in this area. The people from Stekeni (Rev Stegen) come to the funeral and they will speak well. They are like our children, we love them. I do not know what to say about all the wonderful things Mkhulu has done for us. He gives us food, and we don’t suffer anymore because of Mkhulu. Thank you!!!